Two Victims

Two Victims

Two victims is the answer I came up with after much reflection. Some opinions change when you look at them in a different light. I am not being disrespectful of anyone who has ever been raped. I understand how hard that can be. I  was thinking about this the other day and I know this will be controversial and some will disagree but I wanted to share my thoughts about this. I hope to get people to think about this.
This is a very thought-provoking topic.

I have seen people discussing abortion and they always ask about rape victims who became pregnant by their attacker (even though the percentage is extremely low.)
I watched an episode of “Long Lost Family”, where a young man was searching for his bio-mom. He was a pillar of his community. A loving family man, he had twin boys and had often wondered about his mom. What he found out would shake his world but also envoke a world of gratitude to her.
They found her and she was a twin, the pregnancy was a result of a rape. She had the baby and placed him for adoption. She agreed to meet him, she and her twin sister met him together. When he walked out, he favored her dad and she found out he had a set of twin boys too. She felt she had made the right decision. They actually ended up having a great relationship.
I feel that the small percentage of pregnancies that do occur from rape actually creates two victims. The woman who was raped and the unborn child. The child is a small part of this man who did something horrible… but even more, a part of the woman…the woman and the baby not only now share her body but they also share the fact that this man made them both victims.
Neither one asked for this to happen. I truly respect the woman in the story above because she recognized this, she not only thought of herself but about this baby as well. The young man she gave birth to was a wonderful, caring person with a family of his own.
I understand how rape is an invasion of the woman and an unwanted attack. No one deserves to go through this, it is wrong and the person responsible should be punished. We need also to keep in mind that the baby is a victim as well and should not be held accountable for the actions of the man who performed this despicable act of rape.
The unborn are not guilty of being conceived whether it was by rape or not. As for unborn babies, they have no choice when it comes to who their parents will be, that is beyond their control.
I know in the case of rape it would be hard because of the memory of the act of rape, but that’s why we have to change the way we think and realize two wrongs do not make anything right. We have to protect the innocent.
The baby was the second victim and is innocent of any wrongdoing. The definition of innocent-uncorrupted by evil malice or wrongdoing; sinless: not guilty of a specific crime or offense; legally blameless. We have to separate the guilty person from the innocent in this situation.
This baby is now a part of you as well. I would hope that I would give the unborn baby a chance at life and not just think about my self or blame the baby. If I blame the baby or sentence the baby to death I have become as thoughtless as the man who did the rape.
A rapist gives no thought to anyone else but themselves. They think only of their own selfish desires and disregard anyone else’s feelings, regardless of who else gets hurt in the process. The rapist is the guilty person in this situation and is worthy of punishment, he should lose his freedom.

I hope as a woman who is pregnant due to rape, that when you make your final judgment upon this unborn victim, your verdict will be … not guilty and you will sentence the baby to life.

I pray for the two victims, for peace and a better life in your futures. Adoption is a beautiful option.

She Chose Grace