Recipe for Melted Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Recipe for Melted Butter & Jelly sandwich

To make this sandwich you will need a frying pan, butter, jelly and bread.
In a frying pan:
Melt a few tablespoons of Land of Lakes butter over low heat
Add  a few tablespoons of Smuckers Strawberry jelly
(*or your favorite jelly)
the amount of each will depend upon your personal taste
Simmer and stir over low heat until melted together.
It will be the consistency of flavored syrup
Spoon over 2 slices of your favorite loaf bread
until it covers the entire slice let it absorb then go over it again.
Put the 2 slices together to make your sandwich
I like mine to where its coming through the bread a little 🙂
Slice in half and serve with coffee (add lots of cream)
My Grand mothers recipe

** I will share a story about this soon, its called The Ugly House