2018 Forecasting Fall Fashion Trends

2018 Forecasting Fall Fashion Trends

Great news for fall fashion, if you love the classics you will love this falls fashion forecast!

The runway fashion shows are always over the top and not how we, as normal people can wear them as they are shown on the runway. When we see what is on trend we make it work in our world and with our personal style. This Fall is no exception, once you look past the bigger than life runway styles, you may really like what you see.
I wanted to share with you what I found out on Harpers Bazaars website. I’m excited to share these with you.
This is a link to Harpers Bazaar 8 top Fall Fashion Trends for 2018 click this to see Harpers Bazaar Fall Fashions

See what I mean about bigger than life, but now let’s look at ways we can wear them. Even if you are on a budget this is very doable, I will tell you how.
Monochromatic outfits are in, mix textures and its ok to have a little variation in the color, it adds interest.
I know a lot of people think you can’t wear white after Labor Day but that’s no longer true. White looks great in Fall and Winter both. Any monochromatic outfit can be flattering in any season.. notice these pics. I personally love the white or black head to toe look. Here is an example of pants or skirt… Pics from Pinterest and Harpers Bazaar. 
Red is a trend this fall if worn as a monochromatic, mix up the textures and prints.

Another classic,  Plaids are in! Herringbone and Houndstooth and Burberry to name a few… The thing with any trends you really need to use some of them sparingly. You can add a herringbone jacket or your favorite plaid scarf to an outfit. You have the trend look on a budget and the look is classic. 

Flannel plaids with skirts or pants. Dress it up or down.. as with a skirt or Jeans.

Another favorite Animal Print: which is another that works best used in moderation.
you can use it as a top or as an accent such as a handbag or shoe.


The ever Classic Black Leather… a great way to incorporate this is with a nice jacket, boots or a handbag. The photo of the boots and the long coat is just a little much.

Floral is still in for fall as well.

I hope you have fun with this falls fashion forecast, you probably already have some of these in your closet because they are classic. Make them work for you! Fall is my favorite season. Such a beautiful time of year!
She Chose Grace 


Beauty Comes in All Sizes

Beauty Comes in All Sizes

Beauty comes in all sizes, shapes, colors, and ages.
I want every woman to realize you are more than a dress size, more than a number on a scale. You are loved beyond measure!
You are God’s masterpiece, a one of a kind, like a snowflake.
All snowflakes are beautiful and come in all shapes and sizes, and no two are alike.  
Just think, God, the creator of the universe, beaches, mountains, flowers, birds, and butterflies thought you were special enough to create one of you! Be the best you that you can be.

Ideas for Ladies’ Church Groups – Because Girls Really Do Want to Have Fun

Ideas for Ladies’ Church Groups – Because Girls Really Do Want to Have Fun

I have always been involved with ladies’ ministries in one way or another.
Here are some different ideas I’ve used over the years.
I hope you will be inspired to use your creativity and perhaps use some of these ideas.

Decorating, Fashion and You

Decorating, Fashion and You

Decorating. Fashion and You

I really enjoy decorating and fashion and decoration. It is so much fun expressing ourselves through our home decor and our clothing!
We all have our own sense of style for clothing as well as for our home decor. Decorating as well as fashion lets us be creative and the possibilities are endless!

Our creator is the ultimate in creativity, just look at the designs he has placed in nature. Butterflies, birds, and flowers just to name a few, the designs are amazing! Naturally, we have some form of creativity in us, whether it’s decorating our home, putting together an outfit, baking a beautiful cake, building or designing a home, painting, storytelling, writing, gardening, flower arranging, and photography. We all have a talent because the creator created us!
Soon I will be doing a blog about all the creative things God placed on earth for us to enjoy, I hope you will keep an eye out for it.

I love several styles, French country, cottage, the Beach cottage feel (white with light blue) and what I call uptown lodge, it isn’t quite as rustic, just to name a few. I wanted to share one of my favorite sites with you, I’m sure you will enjoy her style as well if you like the cottage style!
The link is  Fox Hollow Cottage    you can also follow her, Shannon on Facebook and Pinterest.


Christmas Holiday style    

I adore Christmas and the feelings it brings up in me, check out her Christmas decor from this past Christmas for some ideas.
Decorating for Christmas is so much fun and I love driving around and looking at the homes. I have also gone on Christmas home
tours before and that is a great way to get ideas as well! One of my favorites is the white twinkle lights.
Hallmark movies may not seem to fit in but I think to watch the Hallmark Christmas movies can inspire and create such a feeling of hope and add to your Christmas

We should make sure we never forget the true meaning of Christmas and center this time around him. Gifts, the gift of giving and the ultimate gift, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
You normally give gifts at a birthday gathering. The twinkle lights remind me of the Star that led the shepherds, as well as a reminder to let our light shine.
It seems like a more peaceful time of year and good will toward men. I really enjoy Christmas and the family time together.
I would love to have a white Christmas, I have yet to have one. Candlelight, cocoa by a fireplace, going to Christmas plays, decorating our tree, family gatherings, so many moments to cherish. Sometimes we cook together and share our favorite holiday recipes such as Magic cookie Bars
or my grandmothers banana pudding recipe. It truly is a time for making memories and family traditions.

Finding your style

One of the best ways to find your decorating style is to look through magazines and mark your favorites, then compare the pages and you will probably
see a common thread. You could also use Pinterest now as well. Take a stroll through a furniture store, lots of ways to find out what you like best.

I love the colors in this photo,  I actually have these colors in my bedroom. I love the look and feel of cottage charm.

Finding out what works for you  

One of the best ways to find your style in clothing or fashion is to look through magazines and mark your favorites, then compare the pages and you will probably see a common thread.

You could also use Pinterest for this as well. One thing I really appreciate about Pinterest is how it prevents clutter.  It’s like having every magazine without the piles of magazines!

If you are on a budget look for what you like online and then go out and find similar items at discount stores, yard sales, thrift shops etc..
You can do the same for your fashion sense in clothing. The only thing with clothing is you have
to make sure the style flatters your body type and your life style. Just because it’s in the store doesn’t mean it will look great on everyone or work well for you.

I know some people will say they will wear whatever they want to , that they just don’t care. Unfortunately you can usually tell who they are, but honestly, I think most people do care they just do not know what looks best on them, or they think they can’t afford it. Growing up I lived with my grandmother , she didn’t have a lot of money to spend on “extra” things. She stretched the money by shopping at thrift stores and she taught us how to be frugal. Please care about a very important person a person who deserves to be taken care of, I’m referring to “YOU”. You deserved to be loved by you. Give yourself some grace, none of us are perfect. We all look in the mirror and find something that’s not exactly how we want it. So we may not be perfect, but our little imperfections are part of our charm and part of who we are.

Fashion basics:

Start with your basic’s, Black pants, a pair of jeans, a black skirt, a white button down shirt, a black dress, black jacket, and blue jean jacket. Make sure your jackets are structured, this will give you a waist line.
You can mix and match these items with each other.
As you can, add a colored shirt to wear under the jackets, add a dress , or another neutral colored pant. You can wear the jackets with a dress as well.
Look at pictures of girls in magazines that you like what they have on, look for the girls that are similar to your size. Take a picture with your cell phone, go shopping and look for items similar to what they are wearing. Start where you are and build upon what you have. Before you know it you have some nice things, and more to choose from, whether from a boutique, a thrift store or your own closet.
Love your body enough to dress it to its best advantage and this can be done no matter what your budget is. I get a lot of good information from “What Not to Wear” its like having you own personal design consultant just find one of the shows that the girl fits your body, age etc…What not to wear  You can also find Stacy London on pinterest for tips as well.
(Furniture stores now have design consultants to help you with your decor choices as well.)
I once had “my colors”done it was free at a make up party I was invited to, turns out I was a winter and the primary colors look best on me, so I began to buy clothing in the colors I looked best in.  Doing this really helped to cut back on what I enjoyed wearing because if it looks good on you , you are more likely to wear it. If it’s just hanging in your closet and you never wear it, give it to someone who will.

credit for these beautiful photos goes to Sharon
 This beautiful models tips are : It’s all about the Lashes and Hair, she herself is also a make up artist.

Eyes, Smiles and You  

Working at  Lancome also taught me a few things about make up. I have brown eyes and certain colors make my eyes stand out more than others. Lancomes is part of the  L’Oreal products division.
You can actually get make up artist to do your make up at some of the department stores to show you different ways to do your eyes, they can also tell you which colors will enhance your eye color.
If you need eye glasses, experiment with different styles, they are great accessories and can be very flattering. You just have to find the style that flatters your face shape.

Anyone 40 and older, soon realizes that sometimes less is more when it comes to make up, take care of your skin because its your canvas. Make sure to drink lots of water, moisturize your skin and protect your face from the sun and tanning beds. Sun damage can truly age you. You can wear make up and bronzers if you want the tanned look. Skin cancer rates have gone up, make wise choices.
Another tip to look younger is to make sure your teeth look white, this adds a youthful, brightness to your smile. My grandmother told us to use baking soda and peroxide to brush with a couple of times a week. and as a coffee drinker, this is helpful. Great information in this link dressing 50 up.
This is a great site as well style at a certain age   the photo is from this site.

Body Image for all ages
If you feel good, you look better in what ever you wear, so a healthy diet and exercise are important. Start where you are physically do not think that 5 minutes of walking will not help because it will, it’s a place to start. You can look great whatever your size or age.
If you are pressed for time do simple things that will help such as taking the stairs, parking further away from stores or work. You can divide the 30 minute walk into three 10 minute sessions.
Have a salad for lunch or dinner at least 3 to 4 times a week. Every right choice helps!

Whether its fashion or decorating it’s very helpful to consider these things because for example , if you live in a place that is very muddy and you have indoor/outdoor pets, white furniture, carpet, or clothing probably is not the best choice for you. Choose what works best for your home, lifestyle, and body etc.

Fashion and Decorating are both so much fun and there is no end to the styles to choose from!

Hope you make your home a place you love to spend time in and find the style of clothing that fits who you are inside and out!
She Chose Grace

Are You Clothed With Confidence

Are You Clothed With Confidence

Are you clothed with confidence,  dignity, and grace? Proverbs 31:25.
It’s easy as Women to look in the mirror and only see our faults. Sometimes we are our own worst critic. We compare ourselves to other women that we may think looks prettier or are the size we used to be and would like to be again, but the word says comparing ourselves to others is not wise. Galatians 6: 4- Don’t compare yourself with others. Just look at your own work to see if you have done anything to be proud of. Comparing can steal your confidence.

Welcome Ladies

Welcome Ladies

“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’” – Jeremiah 29:11


I would like us as ladies to inspire, encourage, and help each other in all areas of life’s journey .


Let’s be friends. 🌸