What Do Girls Really Want

What Do Girls Really Want

What do girls really want? Well, I’ll tell you what we want, what we really really want…
Girls just want to have fun, that’s all they really want…
That’s only partly true if you don’t know it the first two lines are actually songs…♪♪
I think girls/women all want to be listened to and to feel like we matter.
We want to feel loved and appreciated. We do not want to feel like anyone at any time could take our place.

Although we may all be different, as in our personality, talents, etc… I do think we all want to feel important to the ones we love. For our opinion to matter and be taken into consideration.
For those of us who love the thought of Romance and for the young men/men who don’t know how to be romantic or need some ideas, this section is for you.
You may not want to watch these but if you want to learn or get some wonderful inspiration these are wonderful.

There is a program called, “Bringing Up Bates” it is about a very large Christian family. The young men who date the Bates girls know that in order to date these girls they have to, first of all, fit what the girls are looking for in a husband. They will not go out with anyone that is not someone who could someday be a potential husband… Its called dating with a purpose. Which is smart because you can fall in love with the wrong person if you spend time with the wrong person. So when these young men think they know this is serious they will ask the girls in a very special way to enter into courtship with them… courtship usually leads to an engagement of marriage. So here is your very important homework, get a notebook and jot down any special moments you see in this program. All girls do not like the same thing so,  think about what your girl enjoys and what she likes to do, her hobbies, her favorite places, colors etc… so the first program I want you to watch is Carlin and Evan… he was over the top with his planning on how to ask her to be his girl… or asking will she enter into courtship with him…. this is one of the most creative things I have ever seen. You may not be able to do all of what he did but you can get some ideas. One important tip is if you listen when you are out shopping together and when your partner is talking you will at some point overhear what they like and what they would like to have. Pay attention and make mental notes of what you hear. 

Carlin and Evans courtship

This is a link below is to another post with lots of good information about dating…this link will be published this weekend and then you will be able to view it…

She Chose Grace

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