2018 Forecasting Fall Fashion Trends

Great news for fall fashion, if you love the classics you will love this falls fashion forecast!

The runway fashion shows are always over the top and not how we, as normal people can wear them as they are shown on the runway. When we see what is on trend we make it work in our world and with our personal style. This Fall is no exception, once you look past the bigger than life runway styles, you may really like what you see.
I wanted to share with you what I found out on Harpers Bazaars website. I’m excited to share these with you.
This is a link to Harpers Bazaar 8 top Fall Fashion Trends for 2018 click this to see Harpers Bazaar Fall Fashions

See what I mean about bigger than life, but now let’s look at ways we can wear them. Even if you are on a budget this is very doable, I will tell you how.
Monochromatic outfits are in, mix textures and its ok to have a little variation in the color, it adds interest.
I know a lot of people think you can’t wear white after Labor Day but that’s no longer true. White looks great in Fall and Winter both. Any monochromatic outfit can be flattering in any season.. notice these pics. I personally love the white or black head to toe look. Here is an example of pants or skirt… Pics from Pinterest and Harpers Bazaar. 
Red is a trend this fall if worn as a monochromatic, mix up the textures and prints.

Another classic,  Plaids are in! Herringbone and Houndstooth and Burberry to name a few… The thing with any trends you really need to use some of them sparingly. You can add a herringbone jacket or your favorite plaid scarf to an outfit. You have the trend look on a budget and the look is classic. 

Flannel plaids with skirts or pants. Dress it up or down.. as with a skirt or Jeans.

Another favorite Animal Print: which is another that works best used in moderation.
you can use it as a top or as an accent such as a handbag or shoe.


The ever Classic Black Leather… a great way to incorporate this is with a nice jacket, boots or a handbag. The photo of the boots and the long coat is just a little much.

Floral is still in for fall as well.

I hope you have fun with this falls fashion forecast, you probably already have some of these in your closet because they are classic. Make them work for you! Fall is my favorite season. Such a beautiful time of year!
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