Trusting That God Sees The Big Picture

Trusting that God sees the big picture, and we know that he does… but since we can’t see the big picture ourselves, it’s not always easy to know what to do. Some changes are for our better, and other changes may be for the good of someone else.
I think we all feel the same way a lot of the time, especially when it comes to knowing what choices to make in our life decisions. I want to hear God tell me in an audible voice…. but that is not how it works most of the time. We can hear God by reading his word to find out some answers … for instance if you are thinking about dating someone who is an atheist and you think ” Well, God did you send this person into my life, so that I can be a witness to them?” that answer is in Gods word… do not be unequally yoked… that means marrying someone with different beliefs…knowing that it will cause discord at some point, so for some answers we just need to look in the word. Other answers are not so clear, because there isn’t a right or wrong it’s just a choice, but if you are like me I don’t want to do my own thing. I know God sees the bigger picture and I want to live my best life. If we make the wrong choice we can always go the other direction on things like jobs, the area we buy a home etc…  The Bible also says to seek godly wisdom from people who can give us sound advice. We could avoid a lot of mistakes simply by listening to people who have already been there and done that… only fools refuse to take good advice and insist on doing things their own way. 
Since the beginning of last year, I have had a lot of changes in my life. Its only after the fact that I can look back and see the fingerprints of God in all those changes. Don’t they say that hindsight is 20/20, well God sees the big picture…When I was going through tough times and I prayed a prayer something like this:” God please show me what to do…( I reminded God of his word,) “Lord, your word says :

I am acknowledging you and I am expecting you to direct me. I know that either way may not be wrong, but I know you see the big picture and I want whats best for me and my husband… show me what to do. amen…

The biggest change was when I got married at the age of 19, I had just turned 19 the previous month. That was a good change, starting my own family was a blessing because the “Best things in life are not things.”  My family was an answered prayer. Don’t take what you have for granted. Family changes as well, your children grow up and start families of their own. Be present, wherever you are in your life at this time. Because time marches on and you will miss out on precious moments, and once time has passed you can not hit rewind. Relationships are built on spending time together making and sharing good memories. The last thing you want is to look back and have regrets. You do not want the memories to be ones that you wish you could forget or take back. 

Another change was three years ago leaving a very good job after 12 years because I didn’t want to face the commute. I stayed till the end and got a severance package as did 15 of my co-workers…later I applied for a home health office position, they had many applicants but I was offered the position. My mother was a patient there… God set it up
 (although I didn’t know it at the time, again God sees the big picture) my mother would need to go into hospice in less than a year and this job set me up with her physician (he was the directing doctor there, which I also didn’t know at that time)  he gave me his cell number in case my mother got worse, and when she did, he got her into an upscale hospice where the nurses were like angels. I was able to take a leave of absence with the help of my director there and be with my mother during that time. My sister helped the first week and then got pneumonia but even being sick she was with me most of the time via my cell phone. I  believe I was at that job for such a time as that. What a blessing, it was a hard time but it could have been worse and God had made it easier by giving me that position.
Later a new manager came on board, she was not as understanding of what I had been through and neither was corporate. The day after I returned to work corporate changed my position to prn without any input from me.  I understand corporate was doing what they thought was best for the company. (prn means, as needed and no benefits, the new manager wanted me working basically full time because with prn I could actually work more hours but it took away the benefits. I had just been there long enough as a  permanent part-time employee to get benefits- 1 year). I was hired to work three days a week but usually worked four.  I was not emotionally ready for full-time hours yet and even though I shared how I felt with the manager it didn’t seem to make a difference. I felt this was a sign that this was no longer the job for me, I gave them my two-week notice. I was thankful for the time I worked there, I met and got to know some amazing people. This was the perfect place for me for that season, but that season had come to an end. I will always be grateful that I was in a position that God set up in order for me to be with my mother for the last two weeks of her life. He saw the bigger picture.
I took more time to give my heart time to menda little more, I needed it, I was still very emotional and still am but not to the same degree.
**As a side note if you are in a position that you are over people who work for you, I have had some wonderful experiences I want to share, at this job the manager who hired me, asked me what kind of things I enjoy as far as collecting and decorating, and my first day on the job she had a small Eifel Tower and a letter J for my nickname waiting on my desk. She made me feel, appreciated and wanted before I even started my first day of work. She said she had always told herself if she was ever in a position to be a good boss she wanted to make her employees feel the way she wanted to feel. She kept that promise and it makes a difference in the workplace, you feel like family, friends, a team. If you work full time, you spend more time at work than at home. It’s a better working environment when you work for thoughtful people.
Remember that saying, People will not remember what you said, or what you did but they will always remember how you made them feel! This works both ways. If businesses would value their employees more, they would have more valuable employees. I have had several managers that I adored, and they made the workplace a good environment. Thank you to all the managers who make the workplace a better place….

A few months later at church, there was a flyer in the bulletin for a front desk administrative assistant, part-time at a counseling office. I applied and was called in for an interview. There were no benefits but I think it gave me time to heal while still being able to work part-time and grow my resume.
The manager and director there were amazing, I was offered the position. I was surrounded by Christian counselors and a Christian atmosphere. This gave me more experience which after almost a year would lead me to a job with benefits and great pay. A position that seemed to come out of nowhere, the timing was spot on. It was a job similar to the job I had been at for 12 years. 

I had been praying about what to do, as I said earlier I had left Emory Healthcare after 12 years because I didn’t want to commute to where they relocated, then home health care and now I had been on my current job at the counseling office for almost a year. I was comfortable because I knew my job duties well, I had made friends with some of the counselors and the office was beautiful. It was a good Christian environment to work in.

One deciding factor was when over a month ago my husband injured his leg and was out of work for almost 4 weeks and we didn’t have insurance. He had a hematoma that had to be drained and severe muscle spasms that led to an emergency room visit. This reinforced the need for insurance and benefits. His work doesn’t offer this at all. I continued to pray, and I know that God sees the big picture, sometimes we have to wait for the right timing.
We went to see an orthopedist and I saw two of my previous co-workers from Emory there, they worked there. I was happy to see them and when I got home a thought came for me to see if they were hiring. Their website had a couple of positions open, I applied for one. It ended up being in a different department, there were 166 applicants and I was called in for an interview. I had prayed “God if this is the job you have for me, open the doors, if not let someone else have this position.” The manager there interviewed me and I was in the top two.
I continued to pray the same prayer.  The next week I was called by HR for a phone interview and was told she had one more phone interview and that I would know something by the next week. I continued to pray and my family was praying as well.
I received a call with a very good offer, I have the job!! I start June 18th, 2018
I have to believe that God opened this door for me, at the other job, I was part time …. so I had a three day weekend… they are going to be closed the week of Christmas…but… I didn’t have PTO (paid time off) so when we were closed I didn’t get paid. God sees the big picture, in the flesh I want to be off at Christmas and have a three day weekend, but God gave me a job with benefits, insurance, a Christmas bonus and good pay. This is what we needed.
We all need to tell ourselves, “God sees the big picture” especially when we do not understand what or why we are going through life’s ups and downs. Changes are not always easy but sometimes are needful in order to get where we need to be. Sometimes this means waiting and waiting is not easy. There is another quote I like: Bloom where ever you are planted, this doesn’t mean forever just for now. 
Since February of last year, 2017, I had so many changes…my mother passed the night before her birthday, the next week was my birthday, I was born on Valentine’s day and she told me I was the best Valentine’s day gift she ever had so that was a hard day. I visited my brother as much as I could, he had cancer and went to be with the Lord that same month. I changed jobs, and this past month in May 2018 my little Yorkie, my buddy, Molly had to be put to sleep.  She was 17 years old, the vet said she lived a long time for me. She was a rescue, I had her for 12 years. She had lost all her teeth, she couldn’t hear and had lost most of her sight. I miss her terribly and I still miss my family members that are no longer here.  They are all in a better place because their quality of life was no longer good. Its those left behind who have it hard just because we miss them. Getting used to life without them is a huge adjustment. God sees the big picture, I know in my heart it was the best for them. Everything is not always about us… and we will not always know why certain things happen the way they do. This is another place where the trust comes in.
That was a lot of changes for me….. I was at one job for 12 years, I like routine. I do not like big changes, but change is part of life… changes occur every day.  Little changes are alright but I had a lot of big changes.

I haven’t started my new position yet as I write this, but I am trusting that God sees the big picture. I hope in some ways these examples will help you to know that God sees the big picture and that this will help your trust in him to grow.  Changes are not always easy and  Trust is not always easy, we all need reminders that encourage us that he is with us through all the changes and he cares. I pray for guidance for you all, for favor and changes that will be for the better. The older I get the more I know that change is part of life. When one chapter ends another begins, whether the next chapter is here on earth or in heaven. Life goes on. I pray for strength for us all as we go through this journey called life and remember you are not alone. Please pray for me too, another chapter begins for me this Monday.
Changes, and new beginnings
She Chose Grace, 


In loving memory of my treasures in Heaven… Change is part of life but Trusting that God Sees the Big Picture and will help us through them all. Whether its something small or something you cant handle without him. It’s all about learning to trust him and not trying to figure things out on our own, and knowing some things are not about us.
   Treasures in Heaven.

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