Beauty Comes in All Sizes


Beauty really does come in all shapes and sizes. I wrote this to give tips on loving yourself where you are and on how to dress your body in a more attractive way. I’m not trying to change your style at all; just provide tips to enhance the style you already have. You choose what you want to wear.
She Chose Grace is about the women who are and are not pencil thin. Some women cannot imagine a thin person wishing they could gain weight. The truth is, there can be health reasons for both. Beauty truly comes in all sizes, shapes, colors, and ages!
Both thin and heavier girls have memories growing up and being made fun of because of their size. I wish no one ever had memories of being made to feel you were anything less than wonderful. I love the photo of this beautiful girl, she is exuding beauty from the inside and out!

I want every woman to realize you are more than a dress size, more than a number on a scale. You are loved beyond measure!

As women, we should want to be who God created us to be. We should exercise and try to eat healthy most of the time. Our focus should be more about our health than our weight.
I realize most of us want to love ourselves where we are, even if it’s not where we want to be. Perhaps you are trying to lose a few pounds just to feel better. There is nothing wrong with that, but love yourself along the way. Do not say, “I will love or I will be happy when…” What if that day never came? Don’t waste your life waiting for tomorrow to come. Live and love today on your way to where ever you are headed.

Most women are not a size two, and we want to love ourselves for who we are and the size we are. Everyone was not created to be a size two. Some people have looked in magazines and seen the models who are very tiny and think they are the only description of beautiful and they try to be that model. No matter how hard you try, if you are not meant to be that size, you are chasing a pipe dream and that’s not healthy. People have developed eating disorders trying to reach an unattainable goal or maybe they reached the goal but have harmed their health doing it. You were created to be you – not an illusion you saw in a magazine.  That person is already taken. You need to be you. (*And remember, magazines even airbrushed people who did not need it. No one is ever perfect enough.)

You are God’s masterpiece, one of a kind, like a snowflake.
All snowflakes are beautiful and come in all shapes and sizes, and no two are alike.

Women of every size should feel beautiful. Some women can’t lose weight because of a health problem or medications. You should not feel like you can never be beautiful. The same thing can happen to people who are too thin as well. Just remember Beauty comes in all sizes!

For those who are happy in your skin and do not want to gain nor lose weight, for those who do not want to change anything about yourself at all, congratulations: you are in a group that everyone would love to be a part of. That being said, I hope you have compassion for people who do not have that level of confidence. Just be happy being you, but do not get too prideful or puffed up. My grandmother called it “getting a big head”. We are more than what is on the outside when it comes to true beauty. What’s on the inside spills over to the outside. People who – at first glance – appear beautiful, may become less attractive if their personality is ugly and vice versa. So if you are full of yourself, you need to work on the inside. I have met people who are beautiful on the inside and out and still feel there are areas they are not happy with. Let’s be the person that reaches out to straighten the crown on others without letting them know it was crooked.
Love one another, as you love yourself. Mark 12:31


What to wear if you are too thin

link for tips if you are dressing a “too thin” frame




Our Own Style and Beauty

We can both put on the same outfit yet feel differently wearing it. If we both have on jeans and a white top, we can look and feel different. The reason is that we have our own taste, body types, and lifestyles. You may think jeans and a white shirt are boring, or it may not fit your lifestyle. Some may feel sexy, classic, or feel that jeans are just not something you would ever wear.
Make your clothes work for you. How you dress should reflect who you are and make you feel good about you. That is the wonderful thing about clothing…we choose our style.
I still watch reruns of “What Not To Wear”. They always said to look thinner, you want to wear a v-neck. The top half of the body needs a V… you can achieve the V by wearing a v-neck top, a long/medium length necklace hanging in a V, or a jacket/cardigan that makes a V. The v-neck will make you look taller as well.

 this last photo is by Sharon


This is a great site for dressing 40 and up, very classic beauty. It’s called style at a certain age.

Another One of My Favorites Sites
The next link is for anyone really, but especially for anyone who is awesome and 50 or over. This is one of my favorites: awesome over 50!
Heather used to be a model and she gives great tips on how to dress slimmer, do makeup, accessorize, etc. She also has a Facebook page and Instagram ♥

Here are more examples of simple changes that look flattering on everyone just by opening up the neckline or changing haircut/color and the style of the outfit. Beauty comes in all sizes, shapes, colors, and ages.
The photos below came from this blog.

Click on the link to see Clinton Kelly of What Not to Wear shared on what moms should wear to look stylish



Beauty tip: How to determine which colors look best on you

*I added this section because it will help in many ways. Here is a couple:
It saves you money because you will wear the items that look best on you.
knowing which color looks best on you prevents closet clutter. If it doesn’t look good on you, it will just hang in your closet, taking up space.

This info below came from this link. are you cool or warm?

Have you ever tried on a top or a shade of lipstick that makes your skin tone, eyes, and face come alive, only to test out another that’s almost exactly the same shade but makes you look tired, washed-out, and just generally blah? There’s a reason for that, and it has to do with the surface and undertones of your skin color.

What’s that? You kinda understand, but don’t really know the difference between surface tone and undertone? Join the club. When it comes to fashion and beauty, there are few buzzwords as prevalent as “cool colors” and “warm colors.” In fact, we’re always hearing that identifying which category we fall into is integral to our overall attractiveness, but finding out what my undertone is still shrouded in confusion.

The first step in grasping the concept is understanding that our skin’s surface tone is the color you’d describe yourself as having (ivory, light, medium, tan, dark, etc.) Your skin’s undertone is the color underneath the surface. You can have the same skin color as someone, but different undertones, which are broken down like this:

Cool (pink, red, or bluish undertones)
Warm (yellow, peachy, golden undertones)
Neutral (a mix of warm and cool undertones)

One big misconception:  pale girls can’t be warm-toned. In fact, many fair-skinned women have warm undertones. Nicole Kidman is one of them, and dark-skinned women have cool tones (supermodel Alek Wek is a cool tone).

So, how can you determine which category you fall into?


1. Check Your Veins
Push your sleeves up right now and look at the veins on the inside of your wrist.  Are they blue or green? If they look bluer, you likely have cool undertones. If the veins look greenish, you’re warm. It’s worth noting, warm girls, that your veins aren’t actually green—they look it because you’re seeing them through the yellow-toned skin (yellow + blue = green.)

2. The Old Jewelry Trick
Think about whether you look better in silver or gold jewelry (not which you like more, but which actually makes you look more radiant, glowing, and awake). Typically, girls with cool undertones look better in silver and platinum metals, and warm-toned women look better in gold.

3. The Neutral Test
Think about what neutral shades flatter you best. Do your skin, eyes, and face look better in bright white and black hues or ivory, off-white, and brown/tan shades? The former means you’re probably cool-toned, and the latter, warm.

4. Eye and Hair Color
Your natural eye and hair colors can help figure out your coloring. Customarily, cool people have eyes that are blue, gray, or green and have blonde, brown, or black hair with blue, silver, violet, and ash undertones. Conversely, warm-toned women usually have brown, amber, or hazel eyes with strawberry blonde, red, brown, or black hair. Their hair tends to have gold, red, orange, or yellow undertones.

5. The Sun’s Effects
When you’re out in the sun, does your skin turn a golden-brown or does it burn and turn pink first? If you fit into the former category, you’re warm-toned; while cool tones tend to burn (fair-skinned cool girls will simply burn, while medium-skinned cool-toned girls will burn then tan.)

The Expert-Approved Way to Accentuate Your Eye Color with Makeup

The Eyes Have it!

The title above is also a  link which will take you to another site to find out about eye color and makeup.


Another great eye makeup tutorial by  Awesome over 50.  I really enjoy her YouTube videos.


OK, I may start calling you my “snowflake friends” from time to time as a reminder! 
I hope you enjoyed the information and found something you can use on my website. If you do not remember anything else, Please remember this:

Beauty comes in all sizes, shapes, colors, and ages.
I want every woman to realize you are more than a dress size, more than a number on a scale. You are loved beyond measure!
You are God’s masterpiece, one of a kind, like a snowflake.
All snowflakes are beautiful and come in all shapes and sizes, and no two are alike.  
Just think, God, the creator of the universe, beaches, mountains, flowers, birds, and butterflies thought you were special enough to create one of you!

Enjoy your journey of life as the woman God created you to be. Enjoy every phase, every adventure. We are all different sizes, shapes, colors, and
ages, yet all are unique. The world would be boring if everyone looked the same, picture the world with only one color of bird or flower. Variety is beautiful and interesting. What if there were only one musical instrument, music wouldn’t be the same. Be you, you are wonderfully made by God. Be the best form of you, invest in yourself and become the masterpiece he created you to be.
There will be days when you go through rough spots, but just remember our lives here are temporary. Our spirits live on forever!
If snowflakes were joy, I would send you a blizzard! I pray you have more days filled with joy than sadness.

She Chose Grace 

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