Ideas for Ladies’ Church Groups – Because Girls Really Do Want to Have Fun

Ideas for Ladies’ Church Groups – Because Girls Really Do Want to Have Fun


I have always been involved with ladies’ ministries in one way or another.  

Here are some different ideas I’ve used over the years.
I hope you will be inspired to use your creativity and perhaps use some of these ideas.    




Sisters at Heart

This was one of my very first ladies groups. I wanted little girls to know they could look forward to growing up and enjoying every phase from young to old. The idea behind this group was to have the older women teach the younger women/girls as inspired by the scripture in Titus 2:4 to form relationships with all ages.

*One time, we got together and had a baking class. We made brownies. The younger girls learned about cooking and mentor-ship. This was so much fun…laughing with the girls and creating relationships. I wanted the younger girls to realize they could relate to the older women; and this is important because someday, the young will be old. I wanted them to realize that life at every stage can be good. Start making good choices at an early age because it shapes the path for your future.

*Another time, we had an etiquette class where the older ladies prepared a table with their personal style, planned a menu, and showed their decorating skills. We had a prize for the table with the most votes. We taught how you can use what you have around the house or yard to decorate a table. We showed the different styles: country, Victorian, modern…how we are all different yet can learn from each other. We had printouts of the way to set a table for different events and how to correctly use the silverware.  We all have different styles and tastes. It’s part of who God created us to be. This was really a lot of fun! We truly are sisters at heart and we need to learn from each other. ♥


Southern Hospitali-TEAS

This was a group for ladies to enjoy each other – southern hospitality style.

We took turns having high tea at each other’s homes.
We dressed up with gloves, hats, and vintage dress if we had it.
We visited historical homes and even a bed and breakfast in a historic home where we had tea and a nice dinner.
At every event, we took photos and made lots of memories.




Fashion Runway

We had a workshop where we took several ladies to the thrift store and showed them how to put an outfit together on a budget: business attire, casual, and formal. 

We had a runway set up at an outdoor venue and invited the neighborhood to come out to watch the show to see what you can do on a budget. We did their hair and makeup and made it a special day, all about these ladies. We had lessons on accessorizing, makeup, and hair as well as shopping on a budget.

We had a drawing and gave away a free haircut from a salon, makeup, a scarf… the possible door prizes are endless. You can also go on Pinterest now and search work outfits or formal styles – whatever you need – and find pictures of what you like, then shop the look at discount stores.


Seasonal Fun
Christmas Tour of Homes

No matter where you live, most towns have a Christmas Tour of homes.

You can get lots of ideas and it’s fun!!

Have an ugly sweater contest! You could wear it on the Christmas tour.



Apple festivals,  trips to look at the fall leaves, pumpkin farm, corn mazes






One of my favorites: Theme parties! You have so much to choose from. You could have western, luau, vintage, 1950’s…the possibilities are endless!

Seasonal parties are fun too. Christmas… the “Ugly Sweater Contest” is always enjoyable.

Going out to eat, a ballet, painting classes, movie night or just hanging out together.

Jewelry making class.  **One of my friends does something with jewelry that I love. You write the things you like about yourself on a paper, then you make a bracelet and use a bead for each thing you wrote down that you liked about yourself. When you are feeling critical of yourself, you have the bracelet to remind you of all your positive attributes.

I also like an idea to add charms to a bracelet for things in life that make you happy, uplift, and encourage you. For myself, I like butterflies because they represent new beginnings and change. Snowflakes, because we are all beautiful, come in all shapes and sizes, and no two are alike! Stars, they remind me of the night sky and that God created us to shine. Hearts, because it represents love…and of course, bling. I like sparkle and shine. I love the beach…so starfish. Fall, so leaves…the possibilities are numerous!


Ministry of Walking in Love♥

Another important part of ministry is to visit the lonely. Prepare food for people who are going through a difficult time. Touching someone in a time of need is powerful. Possible times of need could be from a loss of a family member, financial issues, or sickness. You can be creative such as if someone is sick, you could prepare a “get well” basket with soup, juice, a book, etc. You get the idea. Sometimes, reaching out with a card or a phone call can lift spirits as well.

Two of my favorite quotes are:
“People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care!”
“People may not remember your name, but they will always remember how you made them feel.”


Diamonds and Grace

This was a ladies group where I taught that we are all diamonds in the rough; and with some help from God, we can become the beautiful, precious masterpiece He intended us to be. Not everyone can recognize our potential, but God has plans for us. We may need some help getting polished and shaped into what we need to be and that’s alright.

We need to give ourselves some Grace to become… whatever He placed in us to become. Invest in yourself to grow the gifts He placed in us and we will grow and shine. Do not allow what someone else thinks you can’t do prevent you from trying. Jesus could do no miracles in His hometown because they could only see Him as “the carpenter’s son.” Aim for the moon and if you miss, you may still land among the stars.

Diamonds and Grace: We had a luau and a 1950’s soda shop to name a couple of events.


Mirror Mirror

This was a class about how we see ourselves and how we should see ourselves through our Father’s eyes. Men look on the outward appearance, but God (our Father) looks upon our heart. The outward appearance is important to a Christian because that’s the first thing
people see. I’m not talking about a million dollar outfit. I’m talking about a style that reflects our morals! I am talking about our personality. Do we show love and kindness? Men see how we dress, which says a lot about our character and our personality.

People can only go by what we let them see. God knows our heart and knows if what we portray on the outside is sincere and for real. This mirror inside and out can go both ways. If you want things to change in your life, you have to start with the person in the mirror. Love yourself and give yourself some grace.


Coffee Time with Bible and Friends 

Bible studies serving coffee, tea, and dessert. Gather around the dining table or coffee table and discuss a topic in the Bible. Enjoy company with other Christian women.




My Father’s Love

This was for young girls. We had a day planned just for them. We invited girls from our church and a poor area as well to be apart of this.
We had different classes set up throughout the church and allowed them to rotate.

A group of wonderful ladies volunteered to be in charge of each class. We had a workout area and taught the importance of taking care of your health. Another class was an etiquette class teaching about dining and good manners. There was a spa area where the girls were pampered. They got a pedicure and had their makeup done while sipping on a smoothie.

They loved it!

We had a picture area and everyone had a photo taken dressed like the picture we have posted. Snacks were served and we ended with me teaching a lesson about our Father’s love. I gave an example that even if you do not have a Father in your life, you have your heavenly Father that loves you very much.

We surprised them at the end by introducing them to two girls who grew up without their dads in their lives and how God was their Father. (*Those two girls were me and my sister.) There was a particular little girl who was amazed and started clapping. She was amazed that even without a Father in your life, you are still a masterpiece and loved by the best Father ever! Everyone had a good time and learned a lot.

During the etiquette class, the teacher came and asked me if I would share my story with the girls about an experience I had and I agreed. It’s funny now; but when it actually happened, it was embarrassing, lol.

This was my experience:
We were raised by our sweet grandmother. We didn’t have fancy silverware or formal dining. She did a wonderful job providing us with what she could. We didn’t go out to restaurants either. She was on a fixed income. We usually just ate with a fork or a spoon, nothing fancy. I didn’t know how to use a knife and fork together to cut meat. The only kinds of meat we had growing up were chicken, meatloaf, and sometimes pork chops (on a good day). Usually, our meals were very simple.

When I started dating my husband, I was invited to a steakhouse. I didn’t want to go. I didn’t know you could order something else. (Later I shared the reason why with my future husband.) A few weeks into the relationship, he wanted me to meet his mom; so I went with him to her house to meet and have lunch with her. To my dismay, guess what she had prepared!? STEAK, a baked potato, and salad! I thought to myself, “OK, you have to try this sooner or later…so I gave it a try.”  I put my fork on the steak and started cutting the steak with my knife…. back and forth, back and forth…

I do NOT know what happened. It seemed to be happening in slow motion. The steak did a flip in the air and landed in his mom’s plate!!!!  Talk about first impressions…I sat there in shock. She looked at me and so did my future husband and they started laughing…then I started laughing too and apologizing. So the moral of the story, young ladies, is to learn what you can – even things like etiquette and dining – because someday, you may be glad you did! After I shared my story, they were a little more understanding of why we were having this class.

When I had my children, I made sure they would be comfortable in circumstances such as this. I also made sure they had swimming lessons. My grandmother told us to stay away from the water until we learned to swim, lol. She never learned to swim, so she couldn’t teach us. The things she did teach us were valuable. She taught us to love and be loved. She taught us kindness and about the Lord. We were rich in so many ways. She was an amazing woman.

*The best advice I can give anyone, other than giving your life to the Lord, is to “Invest in yourself!”

In today’s world, you can learn anything you want to learn. We have access to YouTube and” how to” videos – not to mention Google – at your fingertips. Scholarships are available so you can truly become what you want to be and fulfill your calling. I created this website as part of my ladies’ ministries. It was in my heart for many years. I pray God gives me words and topics that help and bless others.

May God Bless you and keep you all safe, strong and healthy. Don’t forget to *have fun* along the way,
She Chose Grace 

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