Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams

Dreams are important. Do not allow anyone to steal your dream.

When the story I am going to share with you happened I had just started listening to Terri Savelle Foy, one of my favorite Motivational Christian ladies to listen to. She is inspiring and has YouTube videos and a website. The link below is part one of the series “5 Years From Now”. Listen to them all and be inspired.


I feel God placed me where I was just for this girl.


A girl with a dream

While my husband and I were away for a Christian seminar in 2015, we were at the Olive Garden having dinner. My husband was away from the table and a young couple was seated in front of me.
I could see her face and his back was to me. She asked the young man “ OK, I want to know about your future hopes; so, you are 31…where are you, and what is your life like?”
He began responding to the question,” Well, 31 is sort of old, so I suppose I am married and have my own home.” The girl interjects, “What is your wife like?” He says “Well, if I am 31, I suppose she is feeble and has started getting gray hair.” (At this point I am thinking…No don’t confess that over your young wife!) He continued, “I am probably trying to start my own business; and how about you?”

The girl started off by saying, “Well, for starters I have to tell you I disagree that at 31 your wife would be feeble and have gray hair. That is really NOT that old.”
He seemed surprised and said, “Really?” to which she responded, “Yes. I don’t think people start getting gray hair until they are in their late 40’s unless they are prematurely gray.”
“I think at 31 I will be a dentist (or dental assistant – not sure which she said). I will have my own home.” He asked where and she replied,”On the coast.”
“I also want to run marathons,” she added. “I would like for my dad and me to do the Disney run together, in honor of my mom.” In my mind, I’m thinking how that’s a sweet and wonderful thing to do.

The Dream Stealer and Me

The boy (to my surprise) told her he thought all that sounded really boring. Inside of me, I began to think about Terri Savelle Foy. I hear “Dream Big” and “5 Years From Now” (two of her YouTube titles) and I think, no, I can’t tell her to listen to Terri. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but I couldn’t help but hear the conversation.

I couldn’t stop feeling that I should encourage her; so I wrote down the YouTube information and names of those two podcasts: “Dream Big” and “5 Years From Now“.

My husband came back to the table and paid the check. I got up and said, “I’ll be right back.” I gathered up my courage and walked to her table. I said, “I am so sorry to interrupt your dinner. I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop, but I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation. I think your dreams are amazing and my daughter did the Disney marathon. I believe you will achieve your goals. I want to give you this.” I handed her the paper and told her about Terri. I said, “She can help you to accomplish your goals. Dream big and I wish you all the best.” She looked so sweetly at me and said,” Awe, that is so sweet of you. Thank you so much!” I said,” You are welcome and ya’ll have a good evening.”

I prayed for her and hope that it was the voice of God in my spirit that prompted me to be as bold as I was to interrupt them; although I am unsure if the boy appreciated it! It was apparent they were on a first date. All I could think was, “Run girl run! He is not for you.”

I prayed for her and I hope she was able to run the marathon for her mom as well as continuing on the path to fulfilling her dreams for her future.

Continue to Dream. You are in good company.

Not everyone will see you as capable of fulfilling your dreams. Jesus couldn’t do any miracles in his hometown because of their unbelief, not because he was not capable…but because of their unbelief. If God places a dream in you, nothing else should get in your way. Be careful who you share your dreams with. Some people will not encourage you. Joyce Meyer said that when she told people she was called to preach, people acted like she had missed it. If she had listened to them, just think what she would have missed out on.

If you are not careful, you may miss your calling, seeing your dream come to pass, or fulfilling your purpose by listening to the wrong people.

Jesus used the simple to confound the wise:

He used David as a young boy to fight a giant.

He allowed a donkey to speak.

Moses had speaking issues.

He told Samuel not to look at David’s big brother’s stature. He rejected him. He chose David. He was a boy, but God had already prepared him for his purpose.

If He calls you to it, He WILL see you through it. Walk and do not faint.


Aim for the moon and even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!

Dream Big,

She Chose Grace 




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