Loving me now…To Lose or Not to Lose? Should That be the Question?

To Lose or not to lose, should that be the question?
Good health is more than weight loss. Our success is not just measured by the pounds we lose.
God loves us “beyond” measure, his love cannot be measured. Thank God it’s not based on how we measure up!
It is not based on weight, IQ, income, body measurements, how much we lose or gain… although he does want us to be in good health so we can live a better life.

A Rough start: 

I had a very hard year in 2017. I remember just wanting it to be over! I made up my mind that I would focus on things to make me healthier in 2018! I believe my immune system was down because of the losses that occurred in 2017. My mother and my brother both passed in February. I also changed jobs; so there were a lot of changes in my life. Grief is different for everyone. I will go more into detail about grief on another blog I am writing. Before 2017, I was walking up to an hour without any problems; and I think I took that for granted.


An unexpected set back

January 2018: I got the bad strand of flu the very first thing!! I thought OK, lots of fluids, eat chicken soup…you know, the normal things; and I was sure I would be better in no time. Well, I had a fever that didn’t want to go away. It was 102, 103 every time my meds wore off. I was very weak, had body aches and a horrible chest cough. I didn’t realize that the flu could cause lung issues, heart issues, and pneumonia. I just thought, OK, I have the flu. A few days off work and I will be fine.

A few days turned into 3 weeks! The second week, I thought I was getting better because my cough wasn’t as bad; but I was very short of breath. I went back to the doctor at the end of the 2nd week because I was told the flu can affect your heart, and I was so out of breath just from walking to the kitchen and back, so I went to the doctor and they did an x-ray. He came into the room, sat down, put his thumb at the end of his index finger, looked at me and said, “You are this close to having pneumonia. Your lungs are full and that is why you are so short of breath!” He gave me a very strong round of antibiotics and said that I should be able to go back to work in another week.

I did go back to work, but I got worn out very quickly. This is March and I have just worked my way back up to walking 15-30 minutes without feeling exhausted. I was having a major setback on my goals and it was disappointing.

Getting back on track:

My goals are to:

  1. Be healthier
  2. Have more energy
  3. Feel better
  4. Lose weight (do not let the number of pounds determine your success!)

My game plan is to try a form of Keto and a repeat of what worked for me before. I have heard some amazing weight loss stories about Keto and how much better people feel. It’s really about finding what works for you. Kristy Brinkley once said in an interview to choose an exercise you enjoy, or you will not stick with it. I think it’s the same for the food plan as well. Your physical starting point will determine what you can and can’t do. You may just start walking around the house as far as you can then increase how far you walk every day. You have to start physically where you are, but just know you will not stay there. You will improve, get stronger, and feel better if you do not give up.
Keep your eye on the prize and what you want to accomplish. Keep an exercise and food journal, document your weight and the amount of time you spend exercising. You can use a Fit-bit for this or a timer. Remember, this is the beginning of your journey. Your walking may end in walking a 5-K or hiking – the same with whatever exercise you choose. Yoga is a good one as well as going to the gym or taking the stairs at work, parking further away from the store or your workplace to add steps.

I will try to keep you updated if you are interested in how I do this time. Follow  She Chose Grace. on Facebook, .the  link is on this site and you can subscribe using your email to the website as well.

I am on thyroid medication as well; I remember choosing a female doctor many years ago because she specialized in female issues and the thyroid. The first time I went to her (also my last), I talked to her about my thyroid and losing weight. She looked at me and said that since I was at 50 years old,  had hypothyroidism, and was peri-menopausal it would be almost impossible for me to lose weight. I changed doctors, and the next doctor I went to said I might have obstacles, but losing weight wasn’t impossible.

We need people who can encourage us and give us hope. My focus needed to change from losing weight as my main goal to improving my health.

My daughter was getting married in June that year, so that also motivated me. I wanted to look nice in my “mother of the bride” dress. I started walking whenever I had the chance. At work I created a 10-10-10 program: I walked 10 minutes at my first break, 10 or more at lunch, and 10 at my second break so I was sure to get in at least 30 minutes of walking each day. I would eat a healthy breakfast, a side salad from Chick-fil-a for lunch each day and a light dinner.  Though eating right and exercise I began to lose weight slowly, but it was happening. Part of my success was because I cut out bread and sweets and ate smaller portions. I gave myself one cheat day per week – usually Sunday since we went out to eat after church. At bedtime, I began doing burpees, squats, and arm weights. For my arms I also did incline push-ups on the kitchen counter and would add more as I became stronger, this applies to all the exercises, start where you then add more as you become stronger. Using a medicine ball, I would sit on the floor with my legs in front of me and would touch the ball to the floor on each side of my hip. I noticed my energy level increased, my stamina increased, and I felt better. I think the most important part is don’t get discouraged because it is not happening as fast as we would like. Do not just focus on the scale for success, sometimes our shape changes, we become more toned and the scales cant reflect that. The scale doesn’t reflect that you are feeling better or are becoming more healthy. the Burpee is an exercise a lot of trainers use for their clients, I’m sharing a photo that will show you how to do a beginner burpee, for an advanced burpee you add a push up while in that position , and a jump into the air at the end and an example of the medicine ball for the core. you can look on youtube as well.

Here is a link to a bible study with scriptures to help you with your getting healthy journey. This will help you no matter which exercise/food plan you want to try. It’s very informative for your spirit and your healthy eating plan. Great place to start!

“How to Take Victory Over Food” by Kenneth Copeland and Dr. Don Colbert

Love yourself for who you are: the real you as discussed in my last devotional. Our body is temporary. We are to take care of our body since it was purchased with a price. It is not our own.

The real you is your spirit, which lives forever; but if we want to live a long, happy life, we need to pursue health. Good health can mean the difference between being happy or not. I know things happen beyond our control, but all we can do is our best. Love that person in the mirror. Dress them up and take them out to have a good time. Remember that you are a child of God, your mother’s daughter, daddy’s girl, your brothers’ and sisters’ sibling, your husband’s wife, your child’s mom, and your best friend’s friend. They all deserve to be taken care of; one or more of these people describe you.

It takes time, so do not give up – keep going. Your goal is to get healthy, and it’s worth the wait! To lose or not to lose is the question…but the answer, really, is to gain your health and feel better! Some health issues can prevent you from losing lots of weight, but your choices can make you healthier. If you feel better, you will enjoy life more, do more, and look better wearing a smile. It’s a win-win! You may notice more changes from the inside out. We are all different. Don’t give up on a healthier you. Keep going!
Mark 12:30-31 30 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’[b] 31 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’[c]There is no commandment greater than these.”
It’s alright to Love yourself so make sure to take care of you! You are worthy of love and it should start with you. God made us all one of a kind. We are wonderfully made by him Psalm 139:14. Don’t compare yourself with the bodies other people have, you are you Galatians 6:4. Be the healthiest you that you can be. No one else can be you, better than you. Use the talents that God placed in you. We all have them, it’s usually things you are good at and you may not even recognize them as a talent.
Make your life a better place and begin with the person in the mirror. Start with love and acceptance. You can love those around you more if you love the person inside.

She chose Grace

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